Oneoak Building

Here is a Image of the Onoke Building. A little known fact is that its only half built. It was originally conceived to be twice as tall. The foundation and lower structure supports were built to handel twice its constructed height. I am left to wonder why it was never completed -- did they run out of Money or Corporate Will? You can still see the remnants of the original construction fencing. Yes they just cut the posts off level with the street and paved around them! It says something about Tulsa City Government that this construction debris is still visible after 20 or so years.


Boson Methodist Church From Boulder Towers

Here is a picture of the BACK side of the Boston Methodist church taken from Boston Towers Building.  I shot it long ago so its a Canon AE-1 scanned film image.  I never get tired of this church. Its a thing of beauty from any angle but looking straight down on it.  Hard to photograph because of the high dynamic range of the building lights. Still worth the challenge though. The building has some wonderful detail work although this picture does not capture all of it.  There will be others.


Back View Boston Methodist Church

Bearded Iris

Fear the beard? No, not in this case.  Another multiframe composite Iris picture from my garden this summer. 


Bearede Irise Composite

Purple Iris

This is another multiframe compilation of a bearded Iris from my garden.  I like Its luminosity. Just seems to glow.


Purple Bearded Iris

Red Gladiola 16

This is a vertical panorama of a red gladiola from 16 frames.  What can I say I like flowers.  I have always been interested in macro and micro photography.  Maybe I will graduate  to Insects or microbes next. Actually I am going to experiment with focus stacked panoramas of flower blooms which are just a little too big for the depth of field of my lens. 


Red Gladiola

I have a liking for Glads as well as Irises and have a bunch of them in my home garden as well.  This one is especially striking.



Blue Iris

I find myself fascinated by the bearded Iris. So much so that I have imported a group to my garden and I photograph them regularly.  I have not gotten around to posting them on line though.  Here is a nice one. Its a composite of 37 macro images of the blossom.


Blue & White Iris


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