Welcome to my site. This site is primarily dedicated to photographs I have taken of the Tulsa area which are not panoramic in nature.  If you want to see my panoramas of the Tulsa area. you need to go to Tulsapanoramic.com.

If you wand a copy of any of these images go to Ziegler's and ask Allen.  Otherwise if they don't have it just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. 

I prefer Photographic prints to ink jet and I have a good source of inexpensive photo-type prints alas its not local.  The local printers are literally 10x the cost. I have done some experiments on printing on aluminum and they look nice but are very pricey.  So If you want something special drop me a line and lets talk.

I have a couple of other activities underway that might be interesting -- I am writing a program to generate Panoramic image sets utilizing any AlT Az telescope mount as the robotic head. I  am also making a lot of macro photographs of flower blooms. If this is of any interest to you I recommend looking at WilliamGlea.com.

 I finally recoverred from my last round of updates. Still I am nopt entirely happy with the site's lowq speed. I may need to look at the size of the images i have uloaded.