Orchid - Linnaeus Teaching Garden Woodland Hills Park Tulsa

I went to a class on flower photography today.  Held at the Linnaes Teaching Garden at Woodland Hills Park in Tulsa.  I was a bit disappointed because the flowers were not in bloom yet so there was little to photograph.  I did see 1. A luxuriant Orchid which I failed to identify but I did get a few shots of it.  So far this is the one i like the best.  I used a Canon FD100 mm Macro-lens adapted to fit on my EOS 7D.  Effective focal about 167 mm/.  It was very bright today and it looks like the pics were overexposed slightly.  This image is a composite of 10 single frames. I used a spherical projection though I don't think that it was really required. 


10 Frame composit Orchid

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William G. Lea


Saturday, February 13, 2016 - 23:30