Welcome to my site. This site is primarily dedicated to photographs I have taken of the Tulsa area which are not panoramic in nature.  If you want to see my panoramas of the Tulsa area. you need to go to Tulsapanoramic.com.


BOK Center in Blue

One of the more interesting aspects of the BOK Center is the way it changes color. In the evening the internal illumination cycles continually. it is however slow enough you can capture it.


Oneoak Building

Here is a Image of the Onoke Building. A little known fact is that its only half built. It was originally conceived to be twice as tall. The foundation and lower structure supports were built to handel twice its constructed height. I am left to wonder why it was never completed -- did they run out of Money or Corporate Will? You can still see the remnants of the original construction fencing. Yes they just cut the posts off level with the street and paved around them! It says something about Tulsa City Government that this construction debris is still visible after 20 or so years.


Flag Building

This building is on I-40 I think. I have never seen so large a flag other than at a car lot. Hence I call it the Flag Building. One day I supposse I will have to find out its real name


Flag Draped Building

E Building

I call this the E building because of it external illuminated Elivator shaft.  Its quite a nice building. 


E uilding
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